Wedding Photography and Videography Package Details - Terms of Service
General Terms - Refer to our Agreement Form for exact Terms

All video packages include professional digital editing, DVD with indexed chapters and may include the use of wireless microphones, .  Note:  wireless mics do not guarantee perfect audio.  Audio quality is dependent on several factors including wind, location of services and other audio influences that may be in the area. Our DVDs are produced using a DVD-R format. DVD-Rs are generally 93% plus compatible with most major DVD players. We suggest, in all seriousness, that if you experience any problems watching our DVDs because of compatibility issues that you consider purchasing a new DVD player. New DVD players which are compatible with all formats can be purchased for about $40. You'll be happy you did!

Photo Montage includes at least 24 digital photos (provided by wedding party) included with all video packages of 3 hours or longer – print photos will be accessed a $40 fee for converting print photos to digital images.

A Photo Montage may be added to any package that does not include it for a fee of $50.  Conversion of print photos to digital will be assessed a standard $40 fee.

Additional hours will roll to the next available package pricing; beyond the maximum six-hour package, hours are billed as follows:

  • $300 per hour for Photography, billed in one-hour increments.
  • $300 per hour for Videography, billed in one-hour increments.

Deposit / Payment Required:  A deposit (“Payment”) of 50% of the price quote / event cost is required to reserve your event date. Remaining deposit / balance of price quote / event cost is due 60 days before your event. If this Agreement is entered within 60 days of the event, then full payment of the price quote / event cost shall be required to reserve the event date. Final payment of any additional charges such as add-ons, additional hours, etc. is due prior to release or shipment of final work products (photographs, digital images, prints, CDs, DVD productions, etc. as applicable).

Postponement, Cancellation and Refund Policy: Any taxes, travel fees and costs incurred by Russeau Inc, Videographer or Photographer in preparation for the event or fees associated with returning Client’s photographs or other materials submitted to Photographer and / or Videographer will first be deducted from any Payments / Deposits held prior to Client being issued any Payment refund. Any remaining Payments to be refunded will be subject to sales taxes and applicable booking fees as follows before any remaining Client’s Payment refund will then be returned: (i) in the event of cancellation by Client greater than 60 days before the event, no booking fee will be retained, (ii) in the event of cancellation by Client between 31 days and 60 days before the event, a 30% booking fee may be retained from all deposits, (iii) for cancellations 30 days or less from event, a 50% booking fee may be retained from all deposits received. In the event of cancellation due to weather or other natural events beyond either party’s control, we will attempt to schedule an alternate day and/or time with the Client or the deposits, excluding a 50% booking fee and any associated travel fees, taxes or other costs incurred in preparation for the event, will be refunded. All attempts to reschedule a date within 180 days of the Event will be made by both parties prior to cancellation due to such events. Examples of weather or natural conditions include, but are not limited to: mandatory evacuation orders, natural disasters, storms (rain, wind, etc), flooding, power outages, road closures, traffic accidents, etc. These booking fees / moneys will be considered as liquidated damages and compensation to the Videographer and / or Photographer for loss of income; it is not a penalty.

Outstanding Balances: If Client fails to provide for or complete final payment for services after 90 days of event, all work products will be considered abandoned by Client and will be up to the discretion of the Photographer and / or Videographer to dispose of these items. Notice will be provided to the Client of these intentions in the form of an outstanding balance statement. Failure to ship final work product based on non-payment of outstanding Payments under the terms of this Paragraph does not constitute a failure of Photographer and / or Videographer to fulfill the terms of this Agreement. All Payments made to Photographer and / or Videographer will be considered as payment for their services rendered to date and shall not entitle Client to any refund.

Taxes: Sales tax is not included in pricing and is in addition to the price quotes. Sales tax applies to all in state, Florida, purchases (unless excluded by law) including travel and shipping and handling.

Travel fees: The following travel fees apply for services beyond 7-Mile Bridge.  (Please adjust the above prices accordingly.)  Travel fees are only accessed once. If you book your both videography and photography with us, any applicable travel fees will only be accessed once.

  • Key West to Ohio Key (MM40): $0.00
  • 7-Mile Bridge (Pigeon Key) to Duck Key: $50.00 (add additional $50.00 for rehearsal travel)
  • Long Key to Plantation: $150.00 (add additional $100.00 for rehearsal travel)
  • Plantation to Key Largo: $200.00 (add additional $125.00 for rehearsal travel)
  • Rehearsal Fee: Client understands that for some events it may be necessary to have the Photographer and / or Videographer attend the rehearsal in order to prepare and plan for the ceremony events (e.g. church weddings where limitations by clergy may be placed on the Videographer‘s camera placement or locations, or on the use of the photographic flash during certain portions of the ceremony). Being present for rehearsal will not eliminate these issues but will help to plan and mitigate for such events. Client also understands that a rehearsal fee will be assessed for this time according to the terms laid out in the contract. Client understands it is not the Photographer’s and / or Videographer’s requirement to attend rehearsal unless the Client requests it and there is compensation to the Photographer and / or Videographer for their time and services in attending.

    Meals: Client agrees to provide Photographer / Videographer staff with food service during the guests’ meal if photography and / or videography coverage is three (3) or more hours.

    For more on our terms, please refer to our Agreement Form / Contract. Note: Agreement / Contract terms are the terms in effect and supersede any errors or omissions on this website.

    Click to download a copy of our Photography and Videography Agreement for a complete list of terms and packages offered (PDF document - just fill it in, print and mail it, fax it or scan and e-mail it to us)